A labor organizer, education advocate, and working mom, Lesly is committed to building stronger communities where all families can thrive.

Lesly’s parents immigrated from a small town in Mexico to pursue better economic and educational opportunities. Her father worked as a landscaper and laborer. Her mother worked numerous jobs, including as an instructional assistant in public schools. Nothing came easy, but a loving family and the opportunity to attend strong public schools made all the difference.  Lesly’s parents taught her the value of hard work, never giving up, and a quality education. It’s why Lesly always strives to help others.

Through her parents and her work as a community organizer, Lesly developed a deep belief that all people deserve to be treated fairly and have an opportunity to succeed. Today, Lesly advocates for workers, so they can receive better working conditions, earn higher wages, and ensure that no one is taken advantage of because of a language barrier with their management. She has fought for school bus drivers, custodians, instructional assistants, and hospital workers to be treated with the dignity and respect we all deserve in the workplace.

Lesly is committed to using her experiences as a working mom of four and an organizer to build a stronger economy that helps families get ahead. She is running for state representative to protect workers’ rights, expand access to affordable housing, solve our homelessness and mental health crisis, fully fund our public schools, fight climate change, and defend a woman's’ rights to make their own private medical decisions.

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