Lesly on the Issues

With an eye towards social justice and equity, Lesly will work tirelessly to protect workers’ rights, expand access to affordable housing, solve our homelessness and mental health crisis, and fully fund our public schools.

As an organizer, she knows the importance of meeting people where they are and building coalitions to get real results.


Lesly has seen first-hand the devastating impacts of the housing crisis on working families in Oregon, and how the lack of affordable housing disproportionately affects minority communities. That’s why housing is a top priority for her.


Lesly has witnessed the transformational impact a quality education can have on bettering peoples’ lives. As the daughter of an educator, she knows that an investment in education is an investment in our shared future.

Labor Rights

Having worked as a labor representative for over a decade, Lesly has seen how unions can empower workers and level the playing field. She knows that all of Oregon does better when workers can make their voices heard and have their needs met.


The rising cost of healthcare is impacting all of us. Too many Oregonians are one medical emergency away from bankruptcy, and too many politicians think they can make personal medical decisions for women.


From wildfires to ice storms, communities across Oregon are feeling the devastating effects of climate change. Lesly knows that access to clean air and water is a basic right.